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Related article: Blood Red Moon Chapter 09 body { margin: 0; background-color: #FF6347; scrollbar-base-color: #ED5135; color: #000000; } A:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #C40800; } A:hover { text-decoration: underline; color: #386018; } A:active { text-decoration: none; color: #386018; } A:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #994100; } p, li, dt, dd { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } pre { color: #000000; } h1 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 15pt; text-align: center; color: #A02902; } h2 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 13pt; text-align: left; color: #A02902; } h3 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } .tleft { margin-left: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: left; } .tright { margin-right: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: right; } hr { height: 1px; border: 1px solid #A04800; } .tmain { background-color: #FF7E62; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } .tdark { background-color: #F8775B; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } Chapter 09 This story is purely fictional. However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Please send all comments to . Chapter 9 I sat with Grandfather, Stephon and Charlie in the living room on the main level of the penthouse. Quinn was expected to arrive in a few minutes. It was a strange gathering. My Grandfather did not approve of Stephon, but at the same time, my acceptance of Stephon had surprised Grandfather. He had watched me filling in Stephon of the changes that he had missed and what our plans were. Stephon had played with the children for an hour and then Andrew finally took the children to our suite to relax. He had decided he would tell them stories about shape shifters as bedtime stories, nice friendly positive stories. The day had been hard enough on them. It was the easiest way for them to start to understand all the strange things around them, from Andrew who knew it best. I had struggled at first to get Grandfather and Stephon talking. They had sat sullenly in silence, watching each other uncomfortably. There was little they had in common other than Andrew and me, so I thought that maybe if I told them some of the things about how Andrew and I had met they would loosen up. It worked. I told them about my scavenging and Andrew finding me in the barn. They both laughed so hard that they would have cried if they could have, when I told them about leaping into the truck at the grocery store to avoid the cops and transforming in the front seat. I even embarrassed Andrew by telling them of my little strip tease on the night that I had taken my second shape, before we were mated. Stephon loved it and called me a little minx. Grandfather just shook his head and said `poor boy, he never had a chance.' Once they were talking and laughing together it seemed that all the social discord between them vanished. They didn't have to be best friends but I wanted them to at least be able to have a conversation in the same room. I needed things to relax a bit. I got up and turned on the internal stereo system that Grandfather had piped into most of the rooms in the penthouse. I turned on a soft jazz radio station that I was fond of. The music was soft and relaxing and relieved some of the stress in the room. The elevator bell chimed and Charlie was immediately at the door watching expectantly as Lord Quinn was greeted by the penthouse security and escorted to the living room where we waited. Charlie stepped immediately to stand behind my chair as Grandfather and Stephon were seated in chairs on either side of me. We all arose as Lord Quinn entered with his own guards. "Basil, Stephon" Quinn said then eyed me suspiciously. I smiled coolly and lifted my chin slightly. My naturally immediate distrust of all things kicked in full force. I narrowed my eyes slightly and looked him over carefully. Quinn had the look of an agent out of MIB. His wore black slacks, shoes and a black suit jacket with a narrow black tie on a Underage Lolita Porn white shirt and black sunglasses. He had short curly blonde hair that ruined the look just a bit because it gave him a boyish appearance of a teenager going to a costume party. He appeared to be in his late teens early twenties. Although I knew that according to Stephon, he was at least 3 centuries old. I wondered how many years were considered to be part of a vampire generation. His security guards that came with him looked like they were his twins, minus the blonde curly hair. They stood a bit back from Quinn but had the same wariness about them that Charlie maintained. I glanced at Charlie briefly and saw from her assessment of Quinn's guard that she felt she could take them, of course Charlie always thought she could take everyone. "Quinn, so good to see you again" Grandfather approached Quinn and extended his hand in greeting. Quinn shook Grandfather's hand but continued to look at me "Nice of you to invite me again Basil. I am hoping that this visit will be more productive than last time." He was getting on my nerves already. I didn't like his superior attitude. He was not above my Grandfather or Stephon in my opinion, although he seemed to think he was and that was about to be rectified. He was on my territory now. I planned on making that pointedly clear to him, but there was more than one way to establish this. "I am sorry about that unfortunate incident. But all is well that ends well. Let me introduce you to my Grandson. This is Lord Lance. The mate to Andrew you met last time. Unfortunately Lance had been kidnapped as you had arrived, but as you can see, we were able to find him and rescue him from his aggressor." Grandfather smiled looking at me. Grandfather almost appeared nervous. My ever confident Grandfather should not be nervous because of this thrill seeker. I approached with as much grace and confidence that I could muster and extended my hand. "Lord Quinn, it is nice to meet you." I eyed him carefully, holding myself regally, nodding my head as if I was acknowledging an adversary. I needed him to be on our side, we needed his support. Things would be much easier if all of Sandy's family was free to be on the same side in the times ahead. I needed to make this a challenge for him. I needed to be a mystery for him, to capture his interest and attention. I smiled at the thought and half closed my eyes looking at him through my lashes. I tipped my head to the side just a bit and looked directly into his eyes. The sunglasses did not hide them from me. His eyes were a light gold like sunflowers. I raised an eyebrow and smiled a half smile in challenge. As my thoughts solidified, I felt Andrew growl upstairs in our suite watching through my eyes. I chuckled and reminded him that even if I was flirting a bit, it was all a show. He was the only one for me. Startled, Quinn took off his sunglasses and shook my hand, watching my eyes curiously. "Lord Lance..." he paused a bit. When he stuttered I lifted my chin and smiled larger, letting him briefly see the wolf in my eyes, and spun where I stood and walked back to my seat swishing my hips as if I had a tail, walking as Stephon had taught me. I strutted like a runway model but Underage Lolita Porn with the grace of a jungle cat, the jazz music floating softly about the room enhanced the illusion I was starting Underage Lolita Porn to create. I sat down on the loveseat, draping myself over it like a jungle cat. I watched Stephon struggle to keep a straight face and Grandfather's eyes almost bugged out. I was much more of a vamp in this moment than anyone else in the room. Stephon stayed where he was but drew Quinn's attention to himself so I could wink at my Grandfather so he wouldn't give me away. I could hear Andrew's laughter in my head and I knew that he would be down as soon as he could. He didn't want to miss this performance even though it made him growl at the same time. Tim was content to sit in the rocking chair in the children's alcove and rock them till they were both asleep. "Quinn, it's good to see you again. Any good adventures lately?" Stephon asked his voice full of amusement as Quinn dragged his eyes from me to stare at Stephon. "Um ... I'm working on some ancient vampire references in some Egyptian texts from BC. What is your interest in this Stephon?" Quinn's eyes narrowed at Stephon who grinned in response. "Just an innocent bystander, like yourself in most of this Quinn, but I wouldn't miss this for the world." Stephon grinned. At that moment Andrew came trotting into the room and slid across the floor, startling Quinn and was instantly on the floor in front of me. He looked up at me a Underage Lolita Porn look of clear adoration on his face, and I lazily ran my fingers through his hair and then looked back up at Quinn, whose mouth had dropped open in shock, recognizing Andrew from his last visit. Andrew gazed up at me possessively and placed an arm on the loveseat. I reached down with one hand and held his. Then Andrew turned and looked disinterestedly at Quinn. "Ah ... You remember Andrew, Quinn. Won't you have a seat? We have much to discuss." Grandfather motioned to a chair that would give Quinn an unobstructed view and took the chair to my right while Stephon was to my left. I kept the idea of the jungle cat in my head and I kept my chin down at a slight angle and looked up at him through my lashes the cat was all Underage Lolita Porn grace and subterfuge. Quinn sat down, his eyes riveted on mine as if he were captivated by what he saw there. "Quinn, my Grandson is the son of Sarah Fenrir and Henry Fitz. He is an Ancient Pureblood as are his little brother and sister upstairs. Andrew as you may have guessed is from Stephon's bloodlines. They found each other a several months back and recently came to my attention. Stephon was kind enough to invite me to my Grandson's 18th birthday party, which he was throwing for him." Grandfather began eyeing me carefully now as I had turned my smoldering eyes in my Grandfather's direction briefly and then back at Quinn. Grandfather had almost stopped talking as I looked in his direction. I didn't want him locked in my gaze that was for Quinn only at this moment. Andrew was looking at Charlie who was doing everything she could not to double over with laughter and ruin the mood I was trying very hard to maintain. Obviously vampires weren't the only ones with a hypnotic gaze, the gaze of a predator could hypnotize as well. "He ... is a Pureblood!" Quinn stuttered his eyes still locked to mine. I let the jungle cat out of my hooded eyes, knowing Quinn would see him as easily as any other shape shifter would. "Oh My... I never imagined such a creature could still exist." Quinn exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow at his tone and smiled a bit wider. Creature was I, well he was about to find out just how much of a creature I could be. The cat in my eyes flicked his tail and teased, I saw his jaw twitch just a bit. I leaned down to Andrew and kissed him passionately, whispered in his ear that he should go behind me and remove the silver combs and let my hair down. I wanted him to do this for 2 reasons, first so that he would see the silver combs that were given to me by Sandy our matriarch, which he should recognize and secondly I could play with my hair when it was down. I whispered in Andrew's ear and let my tongue graze the edge of his ear, because as I did it I looked in Quinn's Underage Lolita Porn eyes and saw the flames of desire jump into them. Andrew started to growl a bit, feeling a bit jealous, seeing the flames in Quinn's eyes. It's just a show my love. Just a show. I thought to him. He still growled, but he got up as I had asked and came around Underage Lolita Porn the loveseat to stand behind me. He made a show of unbraiding my hair and removing the combs, letting my hair fall around my shoulders in wild curls, and then resumed his seat on the floor in front of me. I shook my head slowly, my hair falling about me and reached up with one hand and pulled it forward. I leaned forward and kissed Andrew on top of the head. I ran my fingers through his hair again and then raised my eyes again to Quinn. Quinn's smoldering eyes were locked on my hair now and then dropped back to my brown eyes. "You are sure he is who you think he is?" Quinn's question was disjointed he was clearly caught up in my performance. Quinn might not be gay, but he wasn't beyond a bit Underage Lolita Porn of seduction from a wild animal. "Without a doubt, we had genetic testing done. But besides that I haven't seen transformations like theirs in centuries Quinn." Grandfather confirmed. "Lance, will you please show our guest what you can do." I could hear the smug tone in Grandfather's voice now. Underage Lolita Porn He knew looking at Quinn that we had him now. He was completely under my spell. I turned to Grandfather and smiled for him. I stood slowly, sinuously rose from the loveseat and strutted to the center of the room. I had never been this theatrical for anyone except Andrew in our bathroom. I hoped it wasn't over the top. I put a hand into my hair and sighed, let the quicksilver take me and my clothes fall to the floor. Then I let the jungle cat come out. I was a black panther. I had Quinn's attention before but now he was stunned. I screamed and Quinn sat back, his eyes huge, startled. I began to purr and walked over Quinn, my tail brushing his legs as I turned around for him and then walked to Andrew, still sitting on the floor and rubbed myself into his side. He smiled and stroked my head and shoulders. "I like this one love." Andrew said softly. "Ooo... A new one." Stephon smiled. "You must have inspired him Quinn." "What do you mean a new one? How many shapes does he have?!" Quinn was shocked. "Well let me see, there has been a wolf, a falcon, a polar bear, a tiger, and now a panther. He must like you. He doesn't bring out Underage Lolita Porn new shapes for just anyone. Although I believe he created 2 new shapes for me. Knowing LB, I'm sure you'll see them all." Stephon chuckled at this. I had of course created two new shapes specifically with him in mind when I was getting ready to free Andrew. That was before I met him, I didn't know he was keeping score. I rubbed my head against Andrew then stood and purred looking at Quinn then transformed into the polar bear, filling much of the space in the living room. I stood up on my hind legs and roared. Quinn literally scooted his chair back away from me. I came down onto my front feet and went over to my Grandfather and rubbed my head into his hands. "Now Lance, it isn't nice to scare our guests. You know better. Behave yourself." Grandfather scolded gently but his eyes were full of amusement at Quinn's apprehension. I laughed as the bear it came out as a kind of coughing bark. I rubbed my head against his chest softly, very gently. I was much too large. I worried that I could easily hurt him. Although part of me said that was highly unlikely. I cough laughed again and moved Underage Lolita Porn back to the center of the room. Andrew got up to on the sofa now, knowing what was next. The great cat always took up more room than the others. The quicksilver took me and I was then the white tiger. I roared and flashed my teeth at Quinn Underage Lolita Porn in the process. I saw his sudden intake of breath and his guard moved in closer. Charlie moved just as quickly to stand directly beside the loveseat at Andrew's head where he now lounged as I had on the loveseat. I wasn't giving him the satisfaction of thinking his little guard bothered me in the least. I turned my back on him and flicked my long black and white tail at him dismissively and walked over to Stephon. I was purring as I put my head in his hands and felt his long cold fingers run through the fur on either side of my face. "You are such a tease. LB, it is hardly fair you know." I cuffed laughing, my purr continuing loudly. I lay down at Stephon's feet, my purr vibrating the floor. I knew that Quinn would feel it. I wanted to give Quinn a chance to really see me. "What does that mean Stephon? You and Lance seem to have pet names for each other." Grandfather's eyes narrowed a bit as he gazed at Stephon. "Why Little Beauty of course, what else. Andrew has always called him Beauty, from the first moment he came to see me when he was at the farm, and well I guess it stuck for me." His eyes glittered daring me to deny it, chuckling. Andrew and Charlie burst into laughter at Stephon's innocent expression. I got up and shoved my head into Stephon's chest laughing and cuffing at his absurd answer. I took one of my giant paws and placed it on his shoulder and gently patted the side of his head with the other. That was defiantly not what the LB stood for. But I would not deny him his fun. The rest of us, well other than Grandfather, knew what it had originally meant, even if it was with love now. I moved back to the center of the room and let the transformation take me again. This time I Underage Lolita Porn was the chocolate brown wolf when it was done. I Underage Lolita Porn moved back to Andrew who gazed at me with nothing but love in his eyes, running his fingers through the fur around my face. "Do I get to try the panther too?" he asked me and I Underage Lolita Porn grinned at him, my mouth open and my tongue hanging. I turned to look at Quinn once more and saw nothing in his face but awe as the quicksilver took me again and I folded into the black falcon. I stretched my wings out to either side. Grandfather did have cathedral ceilings but there really was not enough room to fly in the living room. I clucked and bobbed my head. "Lance" Charlie said my name, she had moved to the center of the room. I knew she had the gauntlet on her arm and I flapped my wings twice and was resting easily on her steady arm. She had gathered my clothes and draped them over her other arm "Gentlemen if you will excuse us. I believe Lord Lance would like to get dressed before returning. And she took me into the library just down the hall where we could both laugh quietly and I could get dressed. I hoped that this was going as well as I thought it was. At least I had his undivided attention and I don't think he believed I was a fake anymore. We got behind the door and Charlie started to snicker softly. We couldn't be loud even here behind the heavy library door. The hearing of born vampire's was far superior to my hearing and Charlie's as well. "That was the best performance I've seen you give yet. I don't think Father ever imagined you had anything like that in you. Quinn will definitely be `intrigued' by you." She was rolling with next to silent hysterics as I transformed again and got quickly dressed as she faced away from me. "Shhh... they will hear you and it will ruin the whole thing. Andrew is upset enough as it is. He would quite happily rip Quinn's face off if I would let him." I hissed at her trying not to laugh myself and failing. Just because Charlie could laugh almost silently didn't mean I could "Granted he wasn't very fond of Quinn after last time." "He wasn't in any state to judge anyone last time. Who told you to put on that particular show?" Charlie asked getting a hold of her laughter "Well Stephon told me that Quinn was an adventurer and that I might need to catch his attention." "You have definitely succeeded there. I have never seen so many tongues hanging on the floor as in that room, you even had the straight men purring. Granted I think he wanted to be the panther, but still..." she could barely stand now, she was braced against the desk she was laughing so hard. I felt Andrew's discomfort as the four men now alone seemed to have nothing to talk about. The testosterone in the room was palatable and it wasn't getting any better with time. I walked out of the library, pulling my hair up as I walked out with my head held high. "What you Underage Lolita Porn can't have a civil conversation once I've left the room." I looked each man in the eye sternly, first Quinn, Stephon, Grandfather and lastly my Andrew. Although Andrew felt the humor in my soul so it was much less effective. Andrew got up, giving me my seat back and I draped myself back on the loveseat. Andrew walked around behind me and tucked the combs back into my hair, straightening ponytail till it was snug. I was toning down the vamp just a bit. I needed Quinn to take me seriously, now that I had his attention. Andrew couldn't help himself, he leaned around and gently nuzzled my neck and I turned and kissed him gently. He was being possessive I knew. Making sure that Quinn knew I belonged to him. He came back around and sat on the floor again, in front of me. I laughed at his choice internally, because he could just as easily take a seat beside me and I would have been just as content snuggling into his chest. He seemed to like being down in front of me. It allowed him Underage Lolita Porn to be between me and Quinn but still low enough to not really be Underage Lolita Porn noticed or a threat. I turned my Underage Lolita Porn attention once again to Quinn, my fingers absently running through Andrew's hair, I felt him lean into my hand and I smiled. "Any questions?" I looked at Quinn and waited. "He is genuine Quinn." Grandfather said softly. He stood up and came over to stand behind me as Andrew had done moments earlier. He squeezed my shoulder briefly and I looked up into his eyes. He still looked nervous but not as much as he had earlier. "I'm simply stunned Basil. You know what this could mean. Have you taken him on as a beneficiary, because he has none of course?" Quinn looked as if he wanted to volunteer for the job. I almost growled. "No I have not. He is free and Stephon has been kind enough to free Andrew as well. He does not need nor does he want a beneficiary. In fact Charlie, Tim and many of the guards are here as his vassals. They pledged themselves to his mother you see when Sarah was with Vernon. Now they have renewed their pledge to Lance Underage Lolita Porn and his family." "Oh... I see, you have quite the expedition planned for yourself. You are going for the `Right to Rule'. Yes of course you would. It makes perfect sense." Quinn looked at me now with respect and surprise. "Yes. I am." I was being close mouthed on purpose. I wanted him to have to work at it to get the whole plan. He needed to discover it. It was part of who he was. If I told him would only disinterest him as the discover would be gone. "You've noticed how strong the bloodlines I care for are. Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn't have been interested in Sam. You wouldn't have wanted him to manage for you. You've clearly already met Sandy and know how strong she is as well. You are hoping that I will join your cause, is that it." Quinn waited for my response. "Yes and no. I am hoping that you will be in support of us. It would not make me happy to have Andrew's family divided, because you chose not to believe what was before your eyes. I would also be very unhappy to have you as an enemy because you have taken good care of my family. I am not doing this because I want enemies. I don't believe that it is necessary for the shape shifters to be owned. I believe that they should be free to determine their own destinies and that the vampires have taken that responsibility on themselves long enough. My people need to be free to thrive." I said with conviction. "Do you plan to make yourself a King then amongst you people?" Quinn looked at me suspiciously. I chuckled softly, "No. At this point, I'm a high school dropout. I can barely make good decisions for myself. I hardly know what is best for a people I barely know. In a role I was not groomed for. No. I believe that a council should be Underage Lolita Porn set up of the matriarchs of the families or their chosen representative, to make decisions for the people as a whole. I want education to be available for them and the freedom to choose their own mates." I looked him straight in the eye as I said this. "Truthfully all I want to do is spend time with my new family and get to know my brother and sister. Love my mate and get to know my Grandfather. I have no desire to rule anyone. I would like to finish high school and go to college." I could see that I had surprised Quinn for the second time. "Does that surprise you?" I smiled at him. "Well frankly it does. You don't appear to be the type that would want to be second to anyone. I see you more as the type to control everything." I laughed, "Me, control everything? Quinn, I would rather run in the woods and hunt with my mate than sit in a meeting debating issues. Yes, I am a take charge kind of person. Much more now than I was before I transformed, but I think it was because I didn't have reason to be that person before. If I have a task I want to get done so I can enjoy myself when I am done." Quinn seemed satisfied with my response, "I like the idea of the matriarch council. Yes, I believe I can support this venture. If I ever suspect though that you are taking more after you're shape shifter grandfather, Gregory Fenrir, I will have to withdraw my support. But with Basil here looking after you, I do not fear that outcome." "Thank you. I am most grateful that you are willing to support us in this. I will be going to the Royal family soon and hopefully they Underage Lolita Porn will recognize me so that I can approach the vampire council under the `Right to Rule' clause in the treaty. Now Gentlemen, if you will excuse me. I would like to check on my little brother and sister and make sure that they are comfortable for the night." I smiled at Quinn and stood, went over to him and shook his hand. I gave Grandfather a hug and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight My Grandsons. We will talk in the morning." "Thank you Grandfather. I will see you in the morning." I walked over to Stephon. "BS, my dear, do not stay away too long. I miss your company my friend. There are no girls here to speak with other than my 11 year old sister." I gave him a hug and a kiss on each cheek. I heard Charlie growl softly at my teasing. Stephon laughed softly. "I have to find your big brother, remember. I will be around LB, never fear." Andrew said nothing, but shook hands with Quinn, clapped Grandfather on the shoulder and gave Stephon a hug. He wrapped his arm around me and led me up the stairs to our suite. Charlie followed along behind. I felt faint as we progressed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, Andrew stopped with me as I was swaying. I could tell that I was getting light headed but I didn't know why, I could just feel the darkness closing in. Andrew swept me up in his arms and rushed me into our suite. Tim sat in the kid's alcove in the rocking chair with Lyta asleep in his arms and Henry asleep in the top bunk. He quickly laid Lyta in her bed without disturbing her sleep and came out to see what was going on as Andrew rushed through the room, calling his name urgently but just barely over a whisper, knowing Tim would hear him. Charlie came in right behind Andrew, waiting just long enough for Tim to follow then she closed the door. "What happened Andrew?" Tim asked looking at me as I struggled to stay conscious. "Nothing, he was fine downstairs, as we came up the stairs and the stress was lifting, he suddenly started getting light headed. We barely made it to the top of the landing. His stress level lately has been running very high with everything that has been going on. He has been complaining that he needs to hunt, to run off some of the stress. It has been building ever since we got here. I can feel it in him. The wolf feels like it is pacing Underage Lolita Porn behind bars." Andrew struggled to remain calm. I sat on the bed with my head between my knees but I wasn't Underage Lolita Porn feeling any better. "He needs to relax. It has been never ending stress since we figured out who he is. Now with the added stress of his brother and sister and the additional brother missing, it is taking its toll on him. He needs to hunt, to go animal and Underage Lolita Porn not think about any of this. I suggest you take him back to your farm or you go to his new territory and hunt. You need to spend a couple days out in the woods relaxing not thinking about any of this. If you don't, I am Underage Lolita Porn afraid that the stress could get to be too much for him. He is taking on such a heavy load." Tim worried out loud as he checked my temperature and pulse. "Just take slow deep breaths." "I'll be fine. We have so much to do." I moaned while I did what I was told, taking deep breaths and trying to lower my heart rate. Eventually I was able to lift my head without passing out. "Ok, that settles it. Tomorrow we are going home. We need to talk to Sandy anyway, so she might as well come to the cottage as here. With Quinn on our side, we can go home for a few days. We need time to be together and my folks would love to meet your brother and sister. They Underage Lolita Porn can stay at the house while we take time for ourselves. Stephon and Grandfather will continue looking for Justin, as will the twins." Andrew spoke in a voice that I could not defy. "But there is so much to do." I worried. "Nothing that can't wait a couple of days. If we don't take care of you, our fight is over before it begins. Please Love, let me Underage Lolita Porn take care of you. Then you can take care of everyone else." Andrew wrapped his arms protectively around me. "You always do for others till you fall apart. Well this time your body is even refusing to listen to you." "We are going to go out and watch the children. They will be fine with us watching tonight." Tim reached out and placed a finger under my chin and drew my eyes up to his. "Do what Andrew tells you. You need the rest." "I'll go and tell Father and Stephon downstairs that you are taking a break for a couple days and make arrangements for the guards to come with us. Then I will come back up and stay with Tim and the kids tonight. Don't worry. Oh and by the way, I'm still put out that you didn't include me as one of the girls." Charlie teased me gently with a grin. "I'll be sure to include you as one of the girls in the future. You are clearly the best of all." I chuckled. Charlie reached over and hugged me gently and then left with Tim closing the door behind them. When they were gone, I was able to finally relax. It seemed like I was holding myself together by a thread these days. I couldn't understand it. It seemed like a pressure was building inside. I couldn't figure out what it was. I could feel Andrew questioning at the edge of my consciousness. "I don't know Love. It feels like something is building but I don't know what it is. I feel like that caged animal. Maybe it will get better once I am able to release it and hunt. I have felt it building steadily since we got here." I snuggled back into Andrew's chest as he held me close to him. "Well we will leave in the morning and head to our cottage. Henry will be glad to see Angela again and Angela will love Lyta. We will have some peace and be in your sanctuary by nightfall tomorrow. You will be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt all day. We will be able to hunt before moonrise." Andrew whispered. Underage Lolita Porn I sighed and let Andrew pull me down onto the bed in his arms. It didn't take long, Andrew was playing with my hair, kissing me and the next thing I knew I was asleep.
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